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Hapkido self defense training involves throws, takedowns, joint locks, holds, pressure points, and striking, as well as fundamentals such as footwork, stances, and breakfalls. Kicking, punching, defense against and use of weapons is also taught. Every style of attack is studied, along with the corresponding defense. In philosophy and practice, Hapkido emphasizes defense. Successful defense means effectively subduing an attacker without causing him or her serious injury. Physical strength is not required.

While self defense techniques are important, Hapkido training does not stop there. A more orderly lifestyle leads to a better outlook on life. The key to developing confidence and courage is self-control. When a bad temper, self destructive habits, or unnecessary fears are subdued, the result is a mind and body at peace.

All who have studied Hapkido for any length of time realize the many important ways it helps us improve our lives. Students typically report such changes as improved self confidence, weight loss, better health and physical fitness, greater skill in school and career, more patience with everyday occurances, more determination and desire to excel, stronger moral convictions, or simply a more joyful over all view of themselves and their lives.  Proper Hapkido training will make you better than you are now; physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Sun Moo Kwan translates to mean "School of Martial Serenity". We believe that through committed Martial Arts training, we become positive examples for others to follow.

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